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What You Get. . .
  • 2 Days of top tier implant education
  • 3 implants of your choice¬†

(1 day course includes 3 implants of your choice)

  • Learn top 7 implant efficiency procedures used by top DSOs
  • 3 Keys to minimizing implant related overhead: be introduced to top implant manufacturers and how engineers are working to create optimized physical and digital workflow
  • Cut implant lab fees and overhead by up to 80% by learning streamlined restorative techniques and being connected to wholesale labs that supply to the top larger retail labs
  • 3 Nuggets to master the efficiency game related to stock abutments vs custom vs screw retained: the hybrid screw-retained restoration
  • The 4 advantages of tapered vs cylindrical shaped implants and aggressive vs dull threads: clinical considerations and pros and cons
  • Top 3 efficiency flap and flapless surgical techniques
  • 3 Keys to mastering occlusion related to implants, indications and contraindications, general protocols and nuggets
  • 3 Rescue techniques: efficient and minimally-invasive soft tissue management around implants from troubleshooting to dealing with exposed threads and prepping prosthetic margin directly on implant body
  • Understanding pressure necrosis and overheating of bone: myth or reality, techniques to reduce heat generation during drilling, to measure NCms at time of insertion or not, how much is too much torque
  • 7 Foundational considerations with implants in the anterior zone from angulation to sub-crestal depth
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